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Legal services in Spain

Legal Services in Global Mobility-Inbound Services

Our professionals provide legal-immigration advice to clients whose destination is Spain, individually analysing the applicable legal needs, recommending the most efficient legal-immigration strategy and service protocols for each specific case.

Upon agreement on the strategy, the team shall execute the comprehensive procedure, assisting the client throughout the process, proactively, coordinating all stakeholders.

Inmigration Serives

EU SCHEME - RD 240/2007

  • EU Registration Certificate
  • EU residence card for third country dependent of an EU national
  • Visa for third country dependent of an EU national
  • Notifications to the competent authorities concerning changes of circumstances affecting the scope of application of the EU scheme

Global Mobility Scheme - Act 14/2013 (Ley de Emprendedores)

  • Residence permit for investors
  • Residence permit for highly qualified professionals
  • Residence permit - Blue Card for highly qualified professionals
  • Residence permit for national intracompany transfers
  • Residence permit for EU intracompany transfers
  • Permits/notifications linked to Intra-EU mobility: ICT and Blue Card Directives
  • Residence permit for international teleworking
  • Residence permit for entrepreneurs
  • Residence permit for researchers
  • Residence permit for EU researchers
  • Residence permit for audiovisual sector
  • Residence permit for family members

Standard immigration framework under Organic Act  4/2000 & RD 557/2011

  • NIE Certificate
  • Re-entry permit
  • Work and residence permit as employee
  • Work and residence permit as self-employed
  • Residence permit for exceptional circumstances of social, labour, family grounds, and collaboration with justice.
  • Non-lucrative residence permit
  • Residence permit for family reunification
  • Long-term residence permit
  • EU long-term residence permit
  • Change from student status to residence and work status
  • Change of status from study stay to residence and work status
  • Residence permit for professional internship
  • Residence permit for employment seeking

Foreign Qualifications

  • Recognition:

For regulated professions requiring a qualifying qualification:

- Architect
- General health psychologist
- Lawyer
- Court solicitor 

It can also be used for the recognition of higher education studies that have not been completed.

The recognition is official for academic purposes, allowing to continue the studies at a Spanish university.

It is the responsibility of the Spanish university to which the interested party has applied for the recognition in order to continue their studies, in accordance with the criteria established by the Council of Universities.

  • Equivalence:

This is the official recognition of the approved training, equivalent to that required to obtain an academic level inherent to any of the levels in which Spanish university studies are structured, for the exercise of a non-regulated profession.

​The certificate issued by the authorities recognises that the holder has higher level studies within one of the branches of knowledge (arts and humanities, social and legal sciences, sciences, engineering and architecture or health).

  • Professional recognition:

Exclusively for qualifications from the European Union.

Through this procedure it is possible to apply for professional recognition of qualifications obtained (or recognised) in the EU Member States, European Economic Area States or in Switzerland, in order to be able to access and exercise one of the regulated professions.

The competent authority varies based on each profession.

Management of visas to other countries

  • Business visa application procedures
  • Residence visa application procedure
  • Documents procurement and legalisation

General global, strategic and ad hoc services related to the global mobility process.

  • Strategic advice
  • Due Diligence
  • Training


  • Outbound policies
  • Secondment agreements
  • International teleworking agreements
  • Agreements on suspension of employment
  • Determination of the law applicable to the employment relationship and relevant jurisdiction
  • Posted workers notification under Act 45/99
  • Labour inspections

Social Security

  • Determination of the applicable social security law
  • Application for certificates of applicable social security legislation
  • Preparation and application for special agreements


  • Advice on residence and tax obligations in Spain
  • Assessment on permanent establishment
  • An analysis of international tax enforcement
  • Registration at the tax office (Form 030)
  • Application for a digital certificate for natural and legal persons
  • Notification of the option for the special regime applicable to workers posted to Spanish territory (Form 149)
  • Notification of the posting to Spanish territory by employed workers (Form 147)
  • Personal Income Tax Return. Annual return (Form 100)
  • Personal Income Tax Return for the special scheme applicable to workers posted to Spanish territory (Form 151)
  • Non-Resident Income Tax Return without permanent establishment (Form 210)
  • Wealth Tax Return

Real Estate

  • Due diligence of the sale and purchase
  • Deposit agreement
  • Assistance in preparing and signing the sale/ purchase deed
  • Tax clearance
  • Registration of the sale and purchase at the land registry office


  • Incorporation of legal entities in Spain
  • Registration of foreign entities in Spain

Spanish Citizenship

  • Acquisition of Spanish citizenship by residence
  • Acquisition of Spanish citizenship by option
  • Acquisition of Spanish citizenship by birth (carta de naturaleza)
  • Birth registration as a native Spanish
  • Recovery of Spanish Ctizenship
  • Declaration of Spanish citizenship
  • Acquisition of Spanish citiizenship via the Democratic Memory Law
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