Sagardoy Legal & Expat is a law firm specialised in Global Mobility with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

The firm provides services in all legal areas of the Global Mobility process, both inbound and outbound:

  • Immigration

  • Employment

  • Social security

  • Tax

  • Corporate

  • Payroll and shadow payroll


Sagardoy Legal & Expat has a team of more than 45 multilingual professionals (English, French, Arabic and Spanish) specialising in the legal field of Global Mobility.

Team Goals

  • To establish the business strategy in the Global Mobility area to meet business expectations, ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • To ensure compliance with applicable immigration, tax, labour and social security regulations in line with business objectives.
  • To assume the workload any global mobility process entails for the business and the employees.
  • To work in a flexible manner, under established protocols, with full clarity and transparency.
  • To provide maximum efficiency in terms of procedural time and costs.
  • To ensure the highest service levels, setting of processes, satisfaction surveys, responsiveness, etc.

Working method

  • Holistic approach of the global mobility procedure.
  • Assessment of the client's needs from a legal-immigration perspective, analysing the specific case or project.
  • Provision of the different viable and realistic alternatives to the client to choose the suitable options according to the business needs.
  • End-to-end team management and execution of the procedure, in conjunction with stakeholders.
  • Anticipation and proactive approach during the process.
  • Up-to-date and ongoing information to all stakeholders.

Commitment to quality

  • Sagardoy Legal & Expat guarantees the highest service levels.
  • To strengthen our commitment to quality, we work with a Quality Management System in accordance with the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015.
  •  This implementation provides a structured and systematic approach helping us to establish processes to improve the quality of our services, optimising overall operational efficiency.
  • Our commitment to quality includes total client satisfaction, the achievement of business goals and targets, a collaborative and participative management system, the constant search for continuous improvement, respect for client’s needs, working in close collaboration with suppliers and setting motivation means for collaborators and employees.
  • Certificate 9001
  • Quality and information security policy

Information Security Management

Sagardoy Legal & Expat is ISO 27001 certified.

Our Information Security Management System establishes requirements to protect confidential information and to ensure its availability, integrity and confidentiality.

Therefore, we protect the organisation's confidential information, including clients’ data, trade secrets, financial information and other sensitive information. This is achieved with appropriate security controls, such as access control, password management and encryption, which minimise the risk of data leaks and security breaches.

This allows us to foster a proactive approach to information security risk management. By identifying and assessing risks, and implementing appropriate controls, we can anticipate and mitigate potential threats and vulnerabilities prior becoming security incidents.

We also have a business continuity plan in place, in case of emergency situations or disasters. By establishing this contingency plan and recovery procedures, we ensure critical information is protected and maintain operations in the event of disruptions or incidents.

Certificate 27001

Quality and information security policy


Sagardoy Legal & Expat is approved in the qualification and management system as a supplier for the financial services industry.

Thus, we ensure compliance with governance, policy and regulatory controls for this sector as well.

FSQS-ES Certificate

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